Ticket Prices

Level A – 1 ticket $1 – 6 tickets $5
Level B – 1 ticket $3 – 2 tickets $5
Level C – 1 ticket $5 – 5 tickets $20

120 $1 tickets
40 $3 tickets
25 $5 tickets

Call or text Melody 561-932-5326 to purchase your SUPER BONUS TICKET PACKAGE(S).

50/50 Raffle – $1 ticket

*TIPS This IS a SUPER DEAL!  With this many tickets you can enter to win all the Chinese auction prizes with plenty left over to increase your odds on your most favorite.

Save some money and split the cost and the tickets up with friends!

You don’t have to be present to win, but who wants to spend all that time writing their name and phone number on the back of each ticket?!

Do you have a trustworthy friend who is staying until the end?  Whoever is in possession of the ticket stub is the person we will give the prize to.

If you don’t want to put the responsibility on someone else, no worries – Buy a personalized pre-inked stamp!  You can pick one up for about $10.  (Idea: After the auction, buy some 3×5 cards,  cut them in half or quarters, then stamp them up with your pre-inked stamper for the next time you want to give someone your number, you have your own business card.)

Personalized Stickers.  I think a stamp is quicker and easier, but if you don’t have time to order one, this is an alternative to consider. If you try this:

  • Make sure sticker will easily fit on your ticket without having to be overly careful applying (otherwise it may take more time than writing
  • Be sure writer can see the edges of the sticker / where one stops and other begins
  • Cheap stickers often are not worth the savings. They may be be difficult to get off the sheet and they may not affix well.

For your convenience, people will be walking around selling tickets.

We will also provide runners to pick up your tickets and deposit them into the appropriate containers so you don’t have to fight the crowd.

Prizes will be numbered and listed in programs/catalogs.  Write the corresponding number to the prize that you want on the front of the ticket and the runner will deposit it for you.

Write the prize number on the ticket and give it to the runner, who will deposit it into the corresponding prize bucket