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White Pearl signifies Lung Cancer.
White Pearl signifies Lung Cancer.

The tumors in Ray’s brain have affected his coordination and vision.  Due to the safety concerns doctor’s have restricted him from driving.

And if the inability to drive wasn’t enough, walking has also become quite challenging.   The issues with his site and coordination often cause him to be unsteady or lose his balance.  It can also cause confusion.

The metastasis to his bones causes him severe pain which is worse with movement.  Also of concern for Ray, with cancer that has spread to his bones, cancer cells replace normal bone tissue, weakening them so that they  are more likely to break.  He can experience a break or fracture by just doing day-to-day activities.

Most of us find it awkward and uncomfortable to ask family, friends or strangers for help.  We have motor vehicles, bicycles and our two feet we can depend on to get around.  Imagine if your health forced you to be dependent on others?

What if you wanted to see a friend, grab a six pack, catch a sale, get a hair cut, get groceries, or just go sit at the park, all within a few blocks of your home, but to do it, you had to ask someone to take you. You required someone’s permission, by telling you ‘ok, I’ll come and get you’, which obliged you to be flexible with that person’s plans. Regardless of the offer of gas money or barter, those persons rarely consider you in control.

Now that you have your “free” ride, you’re sitting at your friend’s house, waiting for their kids to come home from school.  You feel fine. Moments later you are hit by a tsunami of nausea and you just want to go home and lay down.  You can’t get up and leave.  You must wait for your friend’s kids to come home.  Sucks, doesn’t it?

Lyft gift cards are easily found at your local Starbucks or you can buy them online by clicking HERE to go to their web site.    Buy Lyft gift cards on Amazon.  Most Walgreens and CVS have a variety of gift cards.  If you have a Costco or big box store club membership, check their gift card selection and save some money.

Uber gift cards can be purchased at their website, click HERE for Uber Gift cards. Or you can buy them with your Walmart card by clicking HERE.  Amazon.  You can also buy these at most of your local stores that sell gift cards.  You can’t buy Ray his health, but you can buy him some freedom.

Do you have $5 that you’re not thinking about? Donate it to Ray, there’s a lot of things he needs and that $5 will be much appreciated.

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