Chinese Auction Gift Baskets

#RockOnRay #ChineseAuction
DATE: Saturday, August 26, 2017

PREVIEW BEGINS:  4:00 p.m.
PRIZE DRAWING STARTS: 9:30 approximately

You do not need to be present to win.

If you do not plan to be present – Make sure to CLEARLY print your NAME and PHONE NUMBER on the back of the ticket you deposit for your prize. Someone will call the winner soon after the drawing.

Here is a listing of prizes as we receive them. Come back often to see more!!


$75 Publix – Donated by Selinger Chiropractic and Acupuncture. From my initial phone call, after being hit by a car, the staff made me feel good. I appreciate Dr. Selinger’s gentle adjustments and I love him and his staff for providing me with care that is thoughtful and caring in the truest sense of the word.

Samsung 48″ Class FHD (1080P) LED TV (UN48J5000)Enjoy enhanced color and clarity with stunning Full HD 1080p at twice the resolution of standard HDTV. Experience vivid picture quality in a sleek profile with the J5000’s Slim FLED backlighting technology. – Donated by Janet Caen


90×90 Queen Size Flannel Plush Blanket $40
Decorative Adventure Box $20
Eiffel Tower Sachet $10
Eiffel Tower Photo Album $10
Eiffel Tower French Lavender Diffuser $10
Wicker Basket

Yeti Pot $5
Walgreens Effervescent Vitamin C (2) $12
Walgreens Night Time Maximum Sinus Relief (3) $30
Tissue (2) $2
Sucrets $4
Theraflu Multi-Symptom Severe Cold (2) $15
Sudafed PE $5
Red Bowl $3

5 PC Utensil set
2 pot holder mits
6 dish cloths
4 pc flexible cutting mats
Stainless utensil holder
Stainless fine mesh 2 handle colander
Wicker basket

Lunch bag cooler
Foot massage roller
Elephant print wall decor
Ceramic elephant sachet
Resistance bungee
Canvas Elephant print basket

2 Blue BlenderBottles
Birdhouse table decoration
Birds and flowers hanging decoration
Home table decoration
Floral infinity scarf
Love hanging decoration

Package 3 Giant Coloring & Activity Books
12 pack colored pencils
10 Classic Colors Super Washable Markers
10 Bold Colors Super Washable Markers
10 Classic Fineline Markers
Pencil Box
16 Colors Washable Jumbo Crayons
24 Sidewalk Chalk
20 Colors Mini Twist Up Crayons
5 Dr. Steve Hunters Jurassic Eggs

Magical Garden Coloring Book
Serenity Garden Coloring Book
Magic Path Coloring Book with color pencils
Green Purse
Glass Butterfly
12 Color Pencils
20 Colors Mini Twist Up Crayons
Wicker Basket

Tarantula Blue Tequila
Tarantula Margarita Mix
2 Margarita Glasses
Hand Towel
Wicker Basket

Fragrant Jewel Tahitian Dream Candle
Candle contains a beautiful ring and
a code that gives you a chance to win
a ring with a retail value between
$100 and $10,000!

Winky Chia Pet
Smiley Chia Pet
2 Wink Tongue Coffee Mugs
Emoticon bandana
Emoticon Tattoos
Smiley Face Stickers

Woodwick Candles Mums
Wicker Basket

2 bath towels
2 Mason tumblers
2 kuzies
2 jewelry bowls
6 pr earrings
Calming Waves Candle
Selfie Stick
Made For The Sea Clip Board Frame
Picture Frame
Ocean Spray Air Fragrance
Wicker Basket
Canvas Basket

Think Positive And Great Things Will Happen Mug
Starbucks Coffee
Write It Down Magnetic Note Pad
White Tea Blueberry & Elderflower Tea
Sweet Bee Florida Wildflower Honeycomb
Create Your Own Sunshine Rose Candle
Enjoy The Little Things Wall Hanging
Handmade Italian Cookies Assorted Tin
Wicker Basket

Reverence Princesse Marina De Bourbon Paris Eau De Parfum 3.4 fl oz
Seraphim Classic Laurice “Wisdom’s Child” 69302
Wicker Basket

2 Harley Davidson Bookends
“Queen of the Road” Harley Davidson Plaque
“Live” wall hanging
“Peace” wall hanging
3 candles
Large wicker basket tray

4 Packs Artist Pencils
2 Sketch pads
Colored lead mechanical pencils
Multipak mechanical pencils
Fruit infuser tumbler
Kind Dark Chocolate w/Sea Salt Snack
Wicker Basket

Guess blue ombre fringe with silver chain drama choker necklace.
Guess black fringe with gold chain drama choker necklace

Your Prize Donation Worth More Than Cash

I’m having a great time putting together baskets.

Over the decades, I have watched Melody (my ex-husband’s sister, but for all intents and purposes, she’s my sister) give to relatives, friends and strangers without a flinch of regret. I have been blessed to be on the receiving end of her kindness and generosity for decades. It is with gratitude that I find a means to help her in her time of need.

I’m on social security disability. I make enough money to pay my bills, and I am doing whatever I can to help Ray. While I have given cash when the bucket has been passed around, spent money at another fundraiser, my limited resources are being depleted as well. I feel that my money would be better spent investing in prizes for the Chinese Auction.

For example, I spend $50 to create an appealing, enticing, desirable basket. 100 Guests come to the Chinese Auction. The tickets for this particular basket are $1 each. Some guests aren’t interested, some put one ticket into the bucket in front of it, and a few people want it enough to put multiple tickets into the bucket to increase their opportunity to take it home. By the time the bidding begins for the basket, there could be 100 or more tickets competing to be drawn.

Depending on the financial participation of the audience, the money that we spend to create prizes for the Chinese Auction can well exceed our investment.

We want each basket to attract multiple people. People who are at the auction know someone who is having a baby. Can you imagine how delighted they will be to see a great baby shower basket! And the one that you (and your friends) make is creative and filled to the brim with what every mom-to-be wants.

Mom’s will love the basket that is full of things to keep their toddler busy.

There’s a dad’s birthday coming up. I’m sure we’ll have a few men that show up, so make a manly theme. If you’re donating tools, what would you or your husband NOT want? A Dollar Tree tool box IS fine for many people, probably best for a house warming, or dorm kind of basket but if you want to make a really popular MAN basket, consider something that a man in your life appreciates.

You can donate ANYTHING!!!!

For example, you find your favorite toilet paper on sale. Donate a pack! I made a Pinterest board of examples below.


The basket theme can be “House Warming” and include cleaning products for the entire house. OR “Spotless Bathroom” and include a toilet brush and just bathroom cleaning products. OR “Dorm Room” and include whatever a college student might need.

The ideas don’t stop there! Toilet paper could go along with a shower curtain, matching bath towel, wash clothes, etc.

You don’t have to make the entire basket by yourself. You can ask friends, co-workers, family to contribute an item that goes along with the theme that you’ve chosen. Ask them to pick a theme.

It does NOT have to be store bought. Are you or a friend a crafter? Donate your crafted item(s). It doesn’t have to be an entire basket of YOUR crafted items, it can be a collection of yours and what other people have made.

Do you have a green thumb? Live plants are lovely.

My daughter and I were at a Chinese Auction and won a HUGE basket full of fresh vegetables. While it was obviously not professionally arranged, it was THOUGHTFULLY ARRANGED WITH LOVE.

While there will be popular items that almost everyone bids on, there will be baskets that like Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree, there will be people who bid on it, simply out of hopes that they will have a good chance to win it because there’s only a few tickets in the “bucket”. Don’t despair if that basket is the one that you created – it’s the one that someone will be thrilled with – because they hear their number called.


I’m not a professional house cleaner, but I love to clean. I am donating 4 hours of house cleaning. I say 4 hours, because I’m pretty anal and can be more thorough than someone may require, and it’s difficult to stop me once I get started, so if I say 4 hours and end up doing 5 or 6 because I CHOSE to go beyond – I hope the winner will be pleasantly surprised.

Maybe you’re thing is car detailing! Be specific about what you are offering in your service, what days are usually best for you. Write down your terms and THANK YOU FOR YOUR DONATION!! Easy-peezy, right?

Did you buy a scarf last year that you will never wear? Donate it.

Do you have jewelry you loved when you bought it, but really? Donate it.

Stationery? Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, Sympathy whatever cards? DONATE THEM!

Do you buy in bulk? It takes you forever to get through something? DONATE IT!

Do you have baskets? Pretty boxes? Donate them.

Candles, incense, perfume, oils, crystal, beads-DONATE!

A watch? DVD? CD? Board games? Cards?

Friend me on facebook. JoyfullyJanet

Chinese Auction Items Needed

Putting the FUN in FUNdraiser, there are a few in the works for #RockOnRay.

Melody and I have been working on putting together a “Chinese Auction” aka “Tricky Tray”, “Basket Raffle”, “Gift Auction”, “Brown Bag Auction”. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s similar to a raffle; the difference being: A raffle has multiple prizes, there is one “hat” from which tickets are drawn, but in a Chinese auction each prize has its own “hat”. This allows ticket buyers to choose which prize to focus on, as opposed to having a first, second, third, etc. prize.

What A Chinese Auction Looks Like

Melody and I have gathered a lot of cool donations for the Chinese Auction already, which include:

  • Little Italy Restaurant & Pizzeria – Pizza Shop – gift certificate
  • Two Chefs Souparee – gift certificate
  • 4 Hours of house cleaning service – gift certificate
  • Precious Moments Disney Princess Shadow Box collection
  • Aye Chihuahua Figurine Collection
  • Hallmark DAV1423 Orange Harley Davidson Gas Tank Bookends
  • Di Vinci bracelets and charms.
  • Variety of purses and handbags.
  • Variety of perfumes.
  • Fancy Candles.
  • Fancy chocolate bars.
  • Samsung 50″ tv.
  • Chia pets

Chinese Auction Prize Basket Ideas

The number and value of baskets that come in, as well as entertainment, etc. play a large part on the venue location.  Not to mention, making sure that we’re allowed to do it.  I don’t think there will be any problems if we can find a 501C organization that will sponsor the event. I’m open to suggestions.

Proceeding with a can-do attitude, everything will fall into place, it’s the law of attraction. In the meantime, as the powers that be are at working on the big picture, we’ll focus on the smaller detail of collecting baskets.

Just about anything can be donated for baskets.  You may have miscellaneous items at home that you can’t organize into a sensible basket, but that’s ok, considering others will be donating odds and ends as well.

Maybe you’re like me, and you found a sale you couldn’t resist and now find you have stuff that you’ve been wondering what the hell were you thinking.

How about that gift you’ve wanted to regift, but you can’t remember who gifted it to you in the first place.  Here’s a safe way to gift it away, unless of course it was Melody or I that gave it to you.  If it was from me, I’ll be more thoughtful next time.

Artsy? Great, make something. Whatever your talent, throw it into the ring, it can be used.

There have been promises of baskets, and donations, and I will do my best to update the list as items come in.

Please take a look at the baskets on my Pinterest board for inspiration, but don’t be afraid if you find that you’ve thought outside the box, unique and interesting isn’t a bad thing.

I’d like to also give out swag bags, so nobody will leave the event empty handed, so if you have a lot of something that would be fun to throw into the bag, that would mean a lot, as well.

There will be door prizes, we’ll find a place for everything to to have a purpose.

I hope everyone will get excited about having an a great cause as an outlet to get rid of some of your obsolete stuff, a reason to buy something that you see on clearance, a purpose to craft or spend some money that’s burning a hole in your pocket and because, like so many of us, you love Ray and inventing a valuable basket fills your soul with joy.

Thank you.


RockOnRay Bumper Stickers

#RockOnRay bumper stickers are currently available for a $10 donation to #RockOnRay Cancer Battle on GoFundMe!  Delivered First Class US Mail to your US Postal address!

You will receive one of two styles.  The white ribbon inside the drum is for Lung Cancer Awareness.  The gray ribbon inside the drum is for brain cancer awareness.

#RockOnRay bumper stickers
Get a #RockOnRay bumper sticker for a $10 GoFundMe Donation while supplies last!

We have ONE, rare, collectible “RockOnRay Music Is My Addiction” T-shirt! It’s a size XL  available for a $50 donation at #RockOnRay Cancer Battle on GoFundMe.

In addition to the T-shirt, you will also receive both styles of the #RockOnRay bumper stickers!

RockOnRay Music Is My Addiction T-shirt
One donor will get an XL RockOnRay Music Is My Addiction T-shirt for a $50 donation.


And, if you haven’t already, if you’re on facebook, Like and share #RockOnRay fan page.

Rock Against Cancer

Benefit concert tonight! Proceeds will go to Carl Davis and Ray Fasani.

Connelly’s Sports Bar & Grill
10045 Belvedere Rd, Royal Palm Beach, Fl 33411
rockonray rock against cancer

In addition to great bands – There will be some awesome raffle prizes! Skid Row donated an autographed drum head from a recent performance! You’ll have to come out and buy a ticket so you can be entered to win!!!

Special Guest Performer, guitarist, Adam Phillips of Pro-Pain.

Wrecked Like Clockwork

After The Show Music Video Witchs Mark

#RockOnRay bumper sticker with drum. Gray brain cancer awareness ribbon.

Here’s my awesome bro-in-law, Ray Fasani, as the drummer for Witch’s Mark.

After The Show

And here’s a little bit from one of Ray’s last shows.

If you have $5 please take a minute and drop it on Ray to help him live through Stage 4 non-small-cell carcinoma Lung Cancer. Thank you!

Lyft Uber Gift Cards

White Pearl signifies Lung Cancer.
White Pearl signifies Lung Cancer.

The tumors in Ray’s brain have affected his coordination and vision.  Due to the safety concerns doctor’s have restricted him from driving.

And if the inability to drive wasn’t enough, walking has also become quite challenging.   The issues with his site and coordination often cause him to be unsteady or lose his balance.  It can also cause confusion.

The metastasis to his bones causes him severe pain which is worse with movement.  Also of concern for Ray, with cancer that has spread to his bones, cancer cells replace normal bone tissue, weakening them so that they  are more likely to break.  He can experience a break or fracture by just doing day-to-day activities.

Most of us find it awkward and uncomfortable to ask family, friends or strangers for help.  We have motor vehicles, bicycles and our two feet we can depend on to get around.  Imagine if your health forced you to be dependent on others?

What if you wanted to see a friend, grab a six pack, catch a sale, get a hair cut, get groceries, or just go sit at the park, all within a few blocks of your home, but to do it, you had to ask someone to take you. You required someone’s permission, by telling you ‘ok, I’ll come and get you’, which obliged you to be flexible with that person’s plans. Regardless of the offer of gas money or barter, those persons rarely consider you in control.

Now that you have your “free” ride, you’re sitting at your friend’s house, waiting for their kids to come home from school.  You feel fine. Moments later you are hit by a tsunami of nausea and you just want to go home and lay down.  You can’t get up and leave.  You must wait for your friend’s kids to come home.  Sucks, doesn’t it?

Lyft gift cards are easily found at your local Starbucks or you can buy them online by clicking HERE to go to their web site.    Buy Lyft gift cards on Amazon.  Most Walgreens and CVS have a variety of gift cards.  If you have a Costco or big box store club membership, check their gift card selection and save some money.

Uber gift cards can be purchased at their website, click HERE for Uber Gift cards. Or you can buy them with your Walmart card by clicking HERE.  Amazon.  You can also buy these at most of your local stores that sell gift cards.  You can’t buy Ray his health, but you can buy him some freedom.

Do you have $5 that you’re not thinking about? Donate it to Ray, there’s a lot of things he needs and that $5 will be much appreciated.

Go Fund Me Rock On Ray

Thank you to, Jessica Laurain Beegle, for creating a Go Fund Me campaign for Ray.

For those awesome people who would like to donate and help with his medical expenses and care, simply click on the #RockOnRay – Cancer Battle.

The minimum amount that you can donate on GoFundMe is $5.00.

I’m sure that if you were talking to Ray on the street you’d want to sit down and have a cup of coffee with him on you. Of course, you’d have a cup yourself, right? Ray tells you, the steroids make him ravenous, and you offer to buy him something off the menu.

You’ve been hanging out, in deep conversation with your buddy, you wonder where the time has gone. You think about how many times you’ve sat at that table doing business or talking with friends and how you plan to come back again. Then you consider the same thing for Ray, and you wonder if he’ll ever be able to make it back to repeat what we’ve all taken for granted. The waitress was swift and courteous, you are definitely going to leave a tip.

Now, here you are, reading this. Maybe you don’t know Ray, or not very well, or live too far away to catch up in person; that’s ok, you can make a donation to his GoFundMe account and let him know you’re thinking of him and share a thought with him.

And, if you haven’t already, if you’re on facebook, Like and share #RockOnRay fan page.

RockOnRay Facebook


Inspired by Ray’s friend’s posting the hashtag “RockOnRay” there was no better name suited for his fan page.

My sister, Melody, had asked me to create a facebook page for Ray, like I did for our mom and her nephew, Nick.  I thought, ‘Really? You’re already talking about a memorial page?’  More often than not, people give me far more credit than I deserve, because that’s not at all what she meant, those were the two pages that she was most familiar with.

With the help of friend, Jessica Laurain Beegle, #RockOnRay facebook page is helping to get the word out about Ray’s diagnosis and progress to friends and supporters.

If you are reading this and are on facebook, please go and like the #RockOnRay fan page on Facebook.

Do you have $5 that you’re not thinking about? Donate it to Ray, there’s a lot of things he needs and that $5 will be much appreciated.

My Precocious Granddaughter Julia

My adorable granddaughter when she was a toddler. She was just barely 2 years old! She’s seven now, and still adorable.

She was always screaming (still does) and I wanted to share with her what it was like. I try to let her know that she’s gotta be careful, one of these days someone’s going to hear her and think something terrible has happened and call the police.