RockOnRay Bumper Stickers

#RockOnRay bumper stickers are currently available for a $10 donation to #RockOnRay Cancer Battle on GoFundMe!  Delivered First Class US Mail to your US Postal address!

You will receive one of two styles.  The white ribbon inside the drum is for Lung Cancer Awareness.  The gray ribbon inside the drum is for brain cancer awareness.

#RockOnRay bumper stickers
Get a #RockOnRay bumper sticker for a $10 GoFundMe Donation while supplies last!

We have ONE, rare, collectible “RockOnRay Music Is My Addiction” T-shirt! It’s a size XL  available for a $50 donation at #RockOnRay Cancer Battle on GoFundMe.

In addition to the T-shirt, you will also receive both styles of the #RockOnRay bumper stickers!

RockOnRay Music Is My Addiction T-shirt
One donor will get an XL RockOnRay Music Is My Addiction T-shirt for a $50 donation.


And, if you haven’t already, if you’re on facebook, Like and share #RockOnRay fan page.

Rock Against Cancer

Benefit concert tonight! Proceeds will go to Carl Davis and Ray Fasani.

Connelly’s Sports Bar & Grill
10045 Belvedere Rd, Royal Palm Beach, Fl 33411
rockonray rock against cancer

In addition to great bands – There will be some awesome raffle prizes! Skid Row donated an autographed drum head from a recent performance! You’ll have to come out and buy a ticket so you can be entered to win!!!

Special Guest Performer, guitarist, Adam Phillips of Pro-Pain.

Wrecked Like Clockwork

After The Show Music Video Witchs Mark

#RockOnRay bumper sticker with drum. Gray brain cancer awareness ribbon.

Here’s my awesome bro-in-law, Ray Fasani, as the drummer for Witch’s Mark.

After The Show

And here’s a little bit from one of Ray’s last shows.

If you have $5 please take a minute and drop it on Ray to help him live through Stage 4 non-small-cell carcinoma Lung Cancer. Thank you!

Lyft Uber Gift Cards

White Pearl signifies Lung Cancer.
White Pearl signifies Lung Cancer.

The tumors in Ray’s brain have affected his coordination and vision.  Due to the safety concerns doctor’s have restricted him from driving.

And if the inability to drive wasn’t enough, walking has also become quite challenging.   The issues with his site and coordination often cause him to be unsteady or lose his balance.  It can also cause confusion.

The metastasis to his bones causes him severe pain which is worse with movement.  Also of concern for Ray, with cancer that has spread to his bones, cancer cells replace normal bone tissue, weakening them so that they  are more likely to break.  He can experience a break or fracture by just doing day-to-day activities.

Most of us find it awkward and uncomfortable to ask family, friends or strangers for help.  We have motor vehicles, bicycles and our two feet we can depend on to get around.  Imagine if your health forced you to be dependent on others?

What if you wanted to see a friend, grab a six pack, catch a sale, get a hair cut, get groceries, or just go sit at the park, all within a few blocks of your home, but to do it, you had to ask someone to take you. You required someone’s permission, by telling you ‘ok, I’ll come and get you’, which obliged you to be flexible with that person’s plans. Regardless of the offer of gas money or barter, those persons rarely consider you in control.

Now that you have your “free” ride, you’re sitting at your friend’s house, waiting for their kids to come home from school.  You feel fine. Moments later you are hit by a tsunami of nausea and you just want to go home and lay down.  You can’t get up and leave.  You must wait for your friend’s kids to come home.  Sucks, doesn’t it?

Lyft gift cards are easily found at your local Starbucks or you can buy them online by clicking HERE to go to their web site.    Buy Lyft gift cards on Amazon.  Most Walgreens and CVS have a variety of gift cards.  If you have a Costco or big box store club membership, check their gift card selection and save some money.

Uber gift cards can be purchased at their website, click HERE for Uber Gift cards. Or you can buy them with your Walmart card by clicking HERE.  Amazon.  You can also buy these at most of your local stores that sell gift cards.  You can’t buy Ray his health, but you can buy him some freedom.

Do you have $5 that you’re not thinking about? Donate it to Ray, there’s a lot of things he needs and that $5 will be much appreciated.

Go Fund Me Rock On Ray

Thank you to, Jessica Laurain Beegle, for creating a Go Fund Me campaign for Ray.

For those awesome people who would like to donate and help with his medical expenses and care, simply click on the #RockOnRay – Cancer Battle.

The minimum amount that you can donate on GoFundMe is $5.00.

I’m sure that if you were talking to Ray on the street you’d want to sit down and have a cup of coffee with him on you. Of course, you’d have a cup yourself, right? Ray tells you, the steroids make him ravenous, and you offer to buy him something off the menu.

You’ve been hanging out, in deep conversation with your buddy, you wonder where the time has gone. You think about how many times you’ve sat at that table doing business or talking with friends and how you plan to come back again. Then you consider the same thing for Ray, and you wonder if he’ll ever be able to make it back to repeat what we’ve all taken for granted. The waitress was swift and courteous, you are definitely going to leave a tip.

Now, here you are, reading this. Maybe you don’t know Ray, or not very well, or live too far away to catch up in person; that’s ok, you can make a donation to his GoFundMe account and let him know you’re thinking of him and share a thought with him.

And, if you haven’t already, if you’re on facebook, Like and share #RockOnRay fan page.

RockOnRay Facebook


Inspired by Ray’s friend’s posting the hashtag “RockOnRay” there was no better name suited for his fan page.

My sister, Melody, had asked me to create a facebook page for Ray, like I did for our mom and her nephew, Nick.  I thought, ‘Really? You’re already talking about a memorial page?’  More often than not, people give me far more credit than I deserve, because that’s not at all what she meant, those were the two pages that she was most familiar with.

With the help of friend, Jessica Laurain Beegle, #RockOnRay facebook page is helping to get the word out about Ray’s diagnosis and progress to friends and supporters.

If you are reading this and are on facebook, please go and like the #RockOnRay fan page on Facebook.

Do you have $5 that you’re not thinking about? Donate it to Ray, there’s a lot of things he needs and that $5 will be much appreciated.

My Precocious Granddaughter Julia

My adorable granddaughter when she was a toddler. She was just barely 2 years old! She’s seven now, and still adorable.

She was always screaming (still does) and I wanted to share with her what it was like. I try to let her know that she’s gotta be careful, one of these days someone’s going to hear her and think something terrible has happened and call the police.


Raymond Fasani is my 46-year-old brother-in-law.  The morning of Sunday, April 30, 2017, my sister, Melody, called me to tell me that they were on their way home.  They had been looking forward to going to Bonita Springs, FL, where he was performing, as a drummer, with his band, Witch’s Mark at the Summerland Festival.

Melody told me that Ray wasn’t able to perform, his head was hurting him, he was nauseous, having difficulty walking, his coordination was off and as soon as they got back home she was taking him to the hospital.

The Wednesday before, Ray, my sister and I had gone to the park for the Food Truck invasion.  Looking back, Ray had appeared to be a bit unsteady, he walked and talked like he was sleep walking.  I was concerned when he began to drive and in less than half a block he had almost gotten into 3 accidents.  He put the vehicle in park and asked Melody to drive.

While we were worried and suggested to Ray he should go to the ER, like most of us, he discounted the symptoms and insisted that it was nothing food and rest wouldn’t cure.  Little did we know that in a few days reality would slap us in the face that nothing was going to cure what was manifesting his body.

So, a few hours later they arrived home from the festival.  Melody called an ambulance, Ray was taken to the emergency room, where he was diagnosed with metastatic brain tumors.  He was admitted to the hospital for a few days and by the time he was released he had a diagnosis of stage IV lung cancer which has spread to his brain, lymph nodes, adrenal glands and bones (invasive adenocarcinoma with fairly extensive tumoral necrosis).



Post Op Sleeve Stage One Two Three Diet

Yesterday was my birthday.  I’m now 56 years old and I went to Denny’s for my free Grand Slam Breakfast! Yea, as if.  My daughter ate the Grand Slam, I had one scrambled egg white, which was delicious.  However, when I announced this in my private weight loss surgery support group on Facebook, I was questioned about what stage I am in my “diet”.

Of course I had read my paperwork and I know what stage I’m on. But I wanted to reassure everyone that I knew what I was doing and quote the paper.  I won’t repeat what I wrote in the group post, because I want google to like me, but the point is I’m confused.  I know two weeks is 14 days, so what are days 15-20 considered?


This is the anticipated diet progression after your bariatric surgery. Keep in mind that tolerance/intakes will vary on an individual basis depending on the healing process. It is important not to progress too soon from stage to to stage to allow for proper digestion and absorption of diet consistencies. Adherence to this new eating plan is necessary to ensure one’s nutrition status and weight loss progression are optimized.

Day 1- Post Operative: First 24 Hours–Nothing by mouth-NPO

Day 2- Post Op: after upper GI series (x-ray test) & clearance by surgeon to initiate oral diet, stage 1: Bariatric Sugar-Free Liquid diet will be ordered.


(Stage 1) SUGAR-FREE LIQUIDS ONLY (*start with CLEAR LIQUIDS first*)

Foods Allowed:

  • Water, Crystal Light, Decaf Tea
  • Unsweetened Juices or Sports Drinks (dilute 50:50 with water)
  • Sugar Free Jello
  • Clear Broth
  • Sugar Free Ice Pops/Sugar Free Ices
  • Protein Liquid or Powder (You will receive a protein supplement on the meal tray during your hospital stay)


  • Sip fluids at a rate of 1 ounce at a time every 10-15 minutes.
  • Do not drink out of an open cup/bottle or use a straw, and no carbonated beverages.

Recommended intake at this stage =2oz-4oz./Meal (may take longer to consume initially, allow 1 hour for meals)

If tolerating above fluids/consistency, gradually introduce:


Add the following foods:

  • Skim Milk, Skim Milk Plus (*Light Soy Milk or Lactaid Milk can be substituted)
  • Blended Low Fat Soups and Broths (*Cream Soups should be strained)
  • Fat Free, Sugar Free Puddings and Custards.


  • Keep serving sizes small (NO more than 4oz per meal)
  • Continue to sip liquids between meals, following fluid intake guidelines (aim for at least 32oz.)
  • Continue to consume protein supplement drinks (8oz) between meals to aid towards meeting 60-80g protein/day.

Recommended intake at this stage =2oz-4oz/Meal


*Weeks THREE & FOUR after surgery:*

(Stage 3) Sugar-Free, Low-Fat Belnderized/Pureed

Introduce the following foods slowly if tolerated stage 1 & stage 2 consistencies:

  • Fat-Free. Low-Sugar smooth yogurts (ie: Dannon Light & Fit Vanilla) -4oz
  • Farina and oatmeal -4oz
  • Low-Fat Cottage Cheese/Ricotta Cheese -4oz
  • Soft chopped egg (suggest starting with scrambled egg white first) 1 egg
  • Mashed Potatoes/Sweet potatoes – 1/4 cup
  • Pureed/blenderized meat 1 1/2 oz
  • Unsweetened blended fruit (ie: unsweetened applesauce) 1/4 cup
  • Pureed/blenderized vegetable 1/4 cup


  • Keep portion sizes small (*see Recommended Intake Guidelines below)
  • Chew food very well to a mushy consistency before swallowing
  • Eat slowly (at least 30 minutes+ for meals)
  • Consume fluids in between meals following fluid intake guidelines (aim for at least 48 oz)

Recommended intake at this stage = 4 oz/Meal (1-1/2 oz Protein +1/4 cup Veg/Fruit) If tolerating well after a few weeks, can gradually progress to no more than 6 oz/Meal (2oz Protein + 1/3 cup Veg/Fruit meal)