RockOnRay Facebook


Inspired by Ray’s friend’s posting the hashtag “RockOnRay” there was no better name suited for his fan page.

My sister, Melody, had asked me to create a facebook page for Ray, like I did for our mom and her nephew, Nick.  I thought, ‘Really? You’re already talking about a memorial page?’  More often than not, people give me far more credit than I deserve, because that’s not at all what she meant, those were the two pages that she was most familiar with.

With the help of friend, Jessica Laurain Beegle, #RockOnRay facebook page is helping to get the word out about Ray’s diagnosis and progress to friends and supporters.

If you are reading this and are on facebook, please go and like the #RockOnRay fan page on Facebook.

Do you have $5 that you’re not thinking about? Donate it to Ray, there’s a lot of things he needs and that $5 will be much appreciated.

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