Post Op Sleeve Stage One Two Three Diet

Yesterday was my birthday.  I’m now 56 years old and I went to Denny’s for my free Grand Slam Breakfast! Yea, as if.  My daughter ate the Grand Slam, I had one scrambled egg white, which was delicious.  However, when I announced this in my private weight loss surgery support group on Facebook, I was questioned about what stage I am in my “diet”.

Of course I had read my paperwork and I know what stage I’m on. But I wanted to reassure everyone that I knew what I was doing and quote the paper.  I won’t repeat what I wrote in the group post, because I want google to like me, but the point is I’m confused.  I know two weeks is 14 days, so what are days 15-20 considered?


This is the anticipated diet progression after your bariatric surgery. Keep in mind that tolerance/intakes will vary on an individual basis depending on the healing process. It is important not to progress too soon from stage to to stage to allow for proper digestion and absorption of diet consistencies. Adherence to this new eating plan is necessary to ensure one’s nutrition status and weight loss progression are optimized.

Day 1- Post Operative: First 24 Hours–Nothing by mouth-NPO

Day 2- Post Op: after upper GI series (x-ray test) & clearance by surgeon to initiate oral diet, stage 1: Bariatric Sugar-Free Liquid diet will be ordered.


(Stage 1) SUGAR-FREE LIQUIDS ONLY (*start with CLEAR LIQUIDS first*)

Foods Allowed:

  • Water, Crystal Light, Decaf Tea
  • Unsweetened Juices or Sports Drinks (dilute 50:50 with water)
  • Sugar Free Jello
  • Clear Broth
  • Sugar Free Ice Pops/Sugar Free Ices
  • Protein Liquid or Powder (You will receive a protein supplement on the meal tray during your hospital stay)


  • Sip fluids at a rate of 1 ounce at a time every 10-15 minutes.
  • Do not drink out of an open cup/bottle or use a straw, and no carbonated beverages.

Recommended intake at this stage =2oz-4oz./Meal (may take longer to consume initially, allow 1 hour for meals)

If tolerating above fluids/consistency, gradually introduce:


Add the following foods:

  • Skim Milk, Skim Milk Plus (*Light Soy Milk or Lactaid Milk can be substituted)
  • Blended Low Fat Soups and Broths (*Cream Soups should be strained)
  • Fat Free, Sugar Free Puddings and Custards.


  • Keep serving sizes small (NO more than 4oz per meal)
  • Continue to sip liquids between meals, following fluid intake guidelines (aim for at least 32oz.)
  • Continue to consume protein supplement drinks (8oz) between meals to aid towards meeting 60-80g protein/day.

Recommended intake at this stage =2oz-4oz/Meal


*Weeks THREE & FOUR after surgery:*

(Stage 3) Sugar-Free, Low-Fat Belnderized/Pureed

Introduce the following foods slowly if tolerated stage 1 & stage 2 consistencies:

  • Fat-Free. Low-Sugar smooth yogurts (ie: Dannon Light & Fit Vanilla) -4oz
  • Farina and oatmeal -4oz
  • Low-Fat Cottage Cheese/Ricotta Cheese -4oz
  • Soft chopped egg (suggest starting with scrambled egg white first) 1 egg
  • Mashed Potatoes/Sweet potatoes – 1/4 cup
  • Pureed/blenderized meat 1 1/2 oz
  • Unsweetened blended fruit (ie: unsweetened applesauce) 1/4 cup
  • Pureed/blenderized vegetable 1/4 cup


  • Keep portion sizes small (*see Recommended Intake Guidelines below)
  • Chew food very well to a mushy consistency before swallowing
  • Eat slowly (at least 30 minutes+ for meals)
  • Consume fluids in between meals following fluid intake guidelines (aim for at least 48 oz)

Recommended intake at this stage = 4 oz/Meal (1-1/2 oz Protein +1/4 cup Veg/Fruit) If tolerating well after a few weeks, can gradually progress to no more than 6 oz/Meal (2oz Protein + 1/3 cup Veg/Fruit meal)

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