Weight Loss Surgery Date

After 4 months, I finally received my surgery date!  July 8, 2016.

Back in January, when I committed myself to the idea of weight loss surgery, I was confident.  So now that it’s June, and the
“wait period” is over and I received approval for the surgery by Fidelis, my anxiety level is up there.

When all of Fidelis’ “Customer Support” staff had responded to me that there was no wait period, once I received all of my clearance letters the bariatric surgeon’s office could request approval I was relieved and had everything done before my second visit with my surgeon.  I knew, the quicker surgery happened the sooner I could recover and get into a routine for my “new” life.  But that was all BS!

I had intended to go to Florida with my daughter and grandkids for a week; but I’m not taking any chances, getting some travel bug, though Air Born is incredible.  And, I’ve gotten blood clots from traveling, so I’m just not going to risk doing something that may cause my surgery being postponed.