Bariatric Seminar

I surrendered to the idea of going for surgery in December 2015.  I contacted Dr. Atwa’s office, calling them every week for over a month, trying to get an appointment.  Unfortunately, his office insisted that they needed to have authorization from my insurance company before they would see me.  After a month, I looked for another bariatric surgeon.

I found South Shore Surgical Specialist, and have been assigned to Dr. Bridge.  The prerequisite to a consult was to attend their seminar with Dr. Cusasatti, who explained the three types of surgeries that they do 1) Adjustable Gastric Band, 2) Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass and 3) Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy.

I was surprised that “dumping syndrome” is considered a benefit, as it’s actually one of the reasons I want the surgery. I haven’t been successful at eating in a healthy way and maintaining a healthy weight, left to my own devices. And, like Dr. Phil says,”How’s that workin’ for ya?”, I only have to look in the mirror to see the answer.

So, now that I’ve attended the seminar, all I have to do is have (in no particular order):

  • Psych eval, to confirm that I have reasonable expectations and am fully aware that I’ll have to eat like a gerbil or I risk becoming ill or worse yet, failing at losing weight after undergoing major surgery and several days of painful recuperation.
  • Primary care doctor write a letter detailing that even though I’m a chronic loser, I get up again (i.e. yo-yo weight loss & gain).
  • Pulmonary consult.
  • Gastroenterology consult, to verify that I have the stomach for the surgery.
  • Cardiology consult, to validate that my heart’s in it.
  • Nutritionist consult, to feed me knowledge about eating.
  • Bariatric Support Groups, at least 3 meetings.
  • Blood tests, chest x-ray, venous sonogram, and whatever else the doctor orders.
  • Oh and of course, visits with the Bariatric Surgeon.

Then, my insurance will be contacted for prior authorization and with their blessing, surgery can be scheduled!!!

It took me a few hours, the day after President’s Day, but I was able to schedule all the consults by March 7.  And so, the journey begins.


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