Making The Decision For Gastric Bypass Surgery

A few years ago, my ex-band, his wife and his sister all had gastric bypass surgery.  I was of the opinion that it was the lazy way to lose weight, and when I was told they had to “diet” before surgery I couldn’t understand why, after all if they were able to control their consumption in the first place surgery wouldn’t be a consideration.

Regardless of my opinion, they all dropped 100+ pounds the first year, while I insisted I can do it on my own, as I had done a few times before.

Since then, for about a year, I focused on juicing and organic eating.  I went from 310 pounds down to 245.

I was living in Bellingham, Washington, where I loved to spend hours walking through the woods in my back yard. I had free access to all the blackberries I could eat, once I cleared the tall grass and overgrowth.  I found it relaxing to collect fallen branches, propping and weaving the wild vines.

I’m not sure where I got side tracked, but I gained weight, and went back up to about 280.

I moved in with my daughter and her family.  She and I began going to a local gym together, where, to my surprise, we became avid spin cycle attendees, riding 125+ miles, to nowhere, a week.  I dropped down to the 240s again, only to allow myself to react to drama, turning up the eating and minimizing exercise, which now finds me back up in the 280s.